Personal Budgeting

Whatever your financial goals might be today we can help you make them a reality tomorrow.

The first step to financial independence is understanding how the family income is spent over the year. If you understand your spending patterns you can harness your wealth creation opportunities.

If however you do not know how much you spend on sustaining the family household you cannot expect to develop a savings plan to underpin your future financial well-being.

At Edwards Collins Group we want you to maximize your savings opportunities without compromising your financial needs today. It all starts with a budget to be clear about the financial road ahead. We can guide you through this process to help you:

  • Pay off your home loan quickly
  • Pay off a credit card debt
  • Plan for an overseas holiday
  • Start a savings plan

With the ever increasing cost of everyday living it's more important than ever to understand what your family needs financially to survive.

  • Do you know what your monthly grocery bill is?
  • Can you afford that overseas holiday?
  • Can you pay off your credit card at the end of the month?
  • Could you pay a large one off expense e.g. unexpected car repair?
  • How much did you spend on takeaways last month?
  • Are those shopping bargains during the year really saving you money?

Understanding how you are spending your hard earned dollars will reduce your financial worries and is the first step to financial well-being.

With these issues in mind we have developed a process to help track your monthly spending. It's called the "Family Money Tracker". The Family Money Tracker allows us to receive your nominated family bank and credit card statements electronically. Which we can then summarize your expenses on a month to month basis in a one page report. It's simple, non-invasive and clients that use this report feel more in control of their finances than ever before.

We are passionate about people getting the most out of life and believe "Family Money Tracker" is an essential component to the life / work balance.

We think that this could help everyone and if you think the Family Money Tracker could help you in particular, please contact Craig Collins of our office on 07 3245 3904.

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